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Tusc Timestamp Hp-ux Serial Number

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tusc timestamp hp-ux serial number
Tusc Timestamp Hp-ux Serial Number -- http://bit.ly/2fJX8aa

HP-UX : FAQ - UNIXguide.net www.unixguide.net/hp/faq/ Dec 14, 2005 Added: 04/16/01 HP-UX is short for Hewlett-Packard UN. Where can I What is HP's address and phone number? Size: 1 KB .. How can I convert a timestamp ( seconds since the Epoch) Size: 1 KB .. Yes, for HP-UX 11.x, the tusc command provide What are the machine ID and serial number used for?. Download www.computeranddata.com/doc/misc/sysinfo-unix.txt Document : UNIX command examples, mainly based on Solaris, AIX, HP */ /* and ofcourse, also Linux. Use "tusc" on HP-UX, "strace" on Linux, "trace" on SCO Unix or call your system . -d A timestamp will be included with each line of output. The "5" means that the device is a serial port, and the other number tells . nw7_6sp3Rel - Ace Recommendation Platform - 136 www.learningace.com/doc/4736764//nw7_6sp3rel 136 EMC NetWorker Release 7.6 and Service Packs Release NotesKnown problems and limitationsCannot configure Windows Firewall Support in the . time - How can I profile a shell script? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange unix.stackexchange.com/questions//how-can-i-profile-a-shell-script May 30, 2012 No problem. You don't say what unix your scripts are running on but strace on linux, I think tusc on hp-ux let you learn a lot about what a process is doing. . You need a terminal emulator that can timestamp every line; the only You can find out what serial device your shell is using by running ps -p . Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Guide: When the wait interface is blog.tanelpoder.com//advanced-oracle-troubleshooting-guide-when-the-wait-interface-is-not-enough-part-1/ Jun 18, 2007 INSTANCE_NAME HOST_NAME VER STARTED SID SERIAL# SPID Tanel @Sol01> CREATE TABLE ext ( 2 value number 3 ) 4 So, let's use truss (or strace on Linux, tusc on HP-UX) to see if our . Normally when you enter a wait, this wait state change timestamp is reset and SEQ# is incremented. HP-UX Porting and Archive Centre | tusc-8.1(1) hpux.connect.org.uk/hppd/hpux/Sysadmin/tusc-8.1/man.html TUSC(1) TUSC(1) Not currently an official HP product NAME tusc - trace unix system calls If a single -c is present, tusc will only report the number of system calls executed by the . -T format Show time stamp for each syscall and signal. The syslog-ng Premium Edition 4 LTS Administrator Guide - MyBalaBit https://my.balabit.com/ng-pe/syslog-ng-pe-v4.0-guide-admin-en.pdf Sep 2, 2014 229. 15.3. Collecting debugging information with strace, truss, or tusc . Windows host at Facility 1, and 5 HP-UX servers and 40 Debian servers at Facility 2. That is Serial number: The serial number of the timestamp. BES/VBE: Using HP-UX tusc tool to monitor system calls: command community.microfocus.com//13784.besvbe-using-hp-ux-tusc-tool-to-monitor-system-calls-command-line-options.aspx Feb 16, 2013 Unlike AIX or Solaris, HP-UX does not provide the truss tool for monitoring systems calls. There is however no manual page at this time (although tusc -? does provide -T "%D %r" timestamp with formatting characters. The syslog-ng Premium Edition 4 F1 Administrator Guide - Archive.is archive.is/KFAe To install syslog-ng PE version 4 F1 on HP-UX (PARISC), the following patches must be Collecting debugging information with strace, truss, or tusc .. Y6 Serial number: 0x029A Time stamp: Mar 19 13:48:57 2010 GMT Accuracy: 0x01  . 3504257-Oracle-9i-10g-notes - Documents documents.mx//3504257-oracle-9i-10g-notes-561c3305c2ea9.html Oct 13, 2015 Select 'long', to_char (l.s id), to_char (l.serial#), to_char(l.sofar), Timestamp of the parent creation time INVALIDATIONS NUMBER Total number Use "tusc" on HP-UX, "strace" on Linux, "trace" on SCO Unix or call your .

2-A Performance Methodology HPUX性能诊断教材_图文_百度文库 wenku.baidu.com/view/acbc2dc0050876323112121c May 17, 2013 HPUX Performance Troubleshooting Class A Performance e.g. count number of occurrences, or time duration ? Glance is well suited to serial/dialup links. While this doesn't provide as much detail as tusc, it does quickly show the Print a timestamp before every trace Display read buffer for all reads . Useful AIX Linux Solaris Hpux Commands - Scribd https://www.scribd.com//Useful-AIX-Linux-Solaris-Hpux-Commands Useful AIX Linux Solaris Hpux Commands - Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online. name av ailability description release-numbers - testing phase download2.nust.na/pub4/sourceforge/w/wa//edrcrevision.pdf Mar 15, 2015 cfg/chg lib/os_wrapper/mc.cfg: ensure that on HP-UX the midnight . cmd/chg hwinventory: avoid command hangs, when evaluating the system serial number from the EEP- cmd/fix histlist: correct begin timestamp output (? dump, timer , truss, ttyplay, ttyrec, ttytime, tusc, unzip, wget, zcat, zdiff, zgrep. MySQL Tips and Tricks - Xenialab www.xenialab.it/meo/web/white/oracle/my_tt.htm create table dept (deptno serial primary key, city char(20)); create table emp ( empno in modo nativo i millisecondi per i campi TIME, DATETIME e TIMESTAMP. con cui viene chiamata questa utility su Linux/GNU, Solaris, HP- UX, AIX, . . Naturalmente non si puo' fare nulla: il log sequence number (LSN) corrente e' . How to use tusc utility on hp-ux - Hewlett Packard Enterprise https://community.hpe.com/t5/Systemtotuschp-ux//3729441 Feb 10, 2006 Hi gurus, I installed tusc utility to trace the process as i am getting problem in my database see: http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/hppd/cgi-bin/wwwtar?/hpux/Sysadmin/ tusc-7.8/tusc-7.8-src-11.11.tar.gz+tusc-7.8/HPUX. . -T timestamp: print time stamps no replies about mentioning /usr/local/bin/tusc in ".profile". UNIX AND LINUX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION HANDBOOK | Arif www.academia.edu//UNIX_AND_LINUX_SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATION_HANDBOOK (HP-UX®) AIX is a trademark of IBM Corp., registered in the U.S. and other countries. .. 67 Objects, strings, numbers, lists, dictionaries, tuples, and files . .. 135 strace, truss, and tusc: trace signals and system calls . .. 216 Serial SCSI . Always check the time stamp on a HOWTO or guide and weigh its credibility .

Re: virtual address space size of a proces - HP HPUX www.hpux.pw/2008/Nov/05/70182.html Nov 5, 2008 Chris Ridd wrote: I've a feeling HP-UX overcommits VM too. No, not by default. 09 . Mar 2009: Re: Anyone seen this error HP UX? by OldSc. NNM III - Student Guide - Documents documentslide.com/documents/nnm-iii-student-guide.html Apr 14, 2015 The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the UNIX® is a registered trademark of The Open Group. [0] contains interface number varBind [1] contains the time-stamp in the Logec/TUSC have in the past provided this feature, but at significant additional cost to the customer. comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ - OpenNet https://www.opennet.ru/docs/FAQ/OS/HP/hpux-faq.html Previous versions of this FAQ contained some information specific to HP-UX 9.x and . 5.13.3 How can I convert a timestamp (seconds since the Epoch) to a date /time string? . 8.46 What are the machine ID and serial number used for? Yes, for HP-UX 11.x, the tusc command provides system call tracing functionality. HP-UX FAQ - Geocities www.oocities.org/ian_springer/hpux/hpux_faq.html 5.13.3 How can I convert a timestamp (seconds since the Epoch) to a. date/time . 8.46 What are the machine ID and serial number used for? . HP-UX releases <= 10.00 have been classified as obsolete (ie, no longer supported by HP). Yes, for HP-UX 11.x, the tusc command provides system call tracing functionality. nw7_6sp3Rel - Ace Recommendation Platform - 39 www.learningace.com/doc/4736764//nw7_6sp3rel 39Fixed problemsEMC NetWorker Release 7.6 and Service Packs Release NotesNW121900 Multibyte characters in NDMP save set names are not displayed . Diagnosing ASMlib – James Morle www.jamesmorle.com/diagnosing-asmlib/ Feb 7, 2013 In this case, there really is no burden and using ASMlib does indeed give a It's available on all UNIX-alikes (of which Linux is just another variety, under various guises: truss on Solaris and AIX, tusc on HP-SUX. handy functionality such as high resolution timestamps, call timing, and buffer decoding. nw7_6sp3Rel - Ace Recommendation Platform - 73 www.learningace.com/doc/4736764//nw7_6sp3rel 73Known problems and limitationsEMC NetWorker Release 7.6 and Service Packs Release NotesThe following error appears in the deduplication logs under  .

weblogic Usage: java [-options] class - 533028 www.533028.com/t/weblogic-usage-java-options-class-args/ In the HP-UX environment, we can track the process of scheduling tusc situation. . 04-29 标签:bind, package java, serial number, client server, java socket, udp . HP-UX Learning - Itmission.org www.itmission.org/hp-ux/ Dec 7, 2005 kill HP-UX desktop (CDE) with following command (login as root and open terminal) : .. diskinfo -v /dev/rdsk/c0t4d0 (detailed but no serial number) Application, truss -p <pid>, strace -p <pid>, strace -p <pid>, download and install tusc SL Show log, GSP level logging, with timestamp in UTC/GMT. ChangeSet@1.2137, 2004-11-13 21:08:07-08:00, rddunlap@osdl https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux//v2/patch-2.6.10-rc1-bk24.log Brouwer@cwi.nl [PATCH] no __init in serial/8250.c Referenced in non-init context. 2004-11-13 13:00:14-08:00, torvalds@ppc970.osdl.org usb: edgeport serial for the HP iPAQ rx3715 into arch/arm/mach-s3c2410, as well as updating the and the diff between jiffies and the current timestamp becomes very large. Free Download HostProtect license number plus patch ouihg.atfish.ru//hostprotect-1-0-0-3-license-number-plus-patch.html We perform a security patch review and install HP-UX security patches that We next set a number of tunable network parameters with a paranoid stance .. tusc (Trace Unix System Calls) [10] shows us that it listens on a Unix domain . /dev/ ip, ip_respond_to_timestamp, 0, 0, Don't respond to ICMP timestamp requests . comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ - Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access faqs.cs.uu.nl/na-dir/hp/hpux-faq.html Aug 13, 2009 comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Subject: 1. . 5.13.3 How can I convert a timestamp (seconds since the Epoch) to a date/time string? . 8.46 What are the machine ID and serial number used for? Yes, for HP-UX 11 .x, the tusc command provides system call tracing functionality. ed2k: |file|V Factory - Dr - CodeWeblog.com www.codeweblog.com/stag/ed2k-file-v-factory-dr/ But the Internet to find almost no detailed step by step. Description: compress is a very old unix file compression command, the 关键词: configuration file, trial version, aspx, microsoft, sqlserver, serial number, microsoft sql server, visual studio, dl, . In the HP-UX environment, we can track the process of scheduling tusc . Summary of changes from v2.6.10-rc1 to v2.6.10-rc2 - Linux.it www.linux.it/~carlo/somehacks/tkp//ChangeLog-2.6.10-rc2 The device has an inline USB-to-serial converter which functions as a PL2303 Signed-off-by: Bjorn Helgaas <bjorn.helgaas@hp.com> Signed-off-by: confirm From: Andrew Hendry <ahendry@tusc.com.au> There is no need to log <sam@ravnborg.org> <azarah@nosferatu.za.org> kbuild: check timestamps on .

About multiblock reads presentation - Frits Hoogland Weblog https://fritshoogland.files.wordpress.com//about-multiblock-reads-v3-as43.pdf Feb 8, 2013 nam='direct path read' ela= 50599 file number=5 first dba=43395 .. Solaris/AIX: truss, HPUX: tusc. . kcblsinc: Timestamp 64180 ms . http://dioncho.wordpress. com/2009/07/21/disabling-direct-path-read-for-the-serial-. GL615 Linux For Unix Administrators - ITCourseware www.itcourseware.com/docs/1/1-37-00017-000-01-22-13-sample.pdf obtain details such as the system BIOS version or serial numbers: $ lshal | egrep ' system\. .. /dev/sg1. [4:1:0:0] disk HP VIRTUAL DISK 1028 /dev/sda /dev/sg2. Citrix Word Template - 51CTO.com www.51cto.com/exp/citrixcommunity/pdf/BTG_Final_JS2[1].pdf 4.0, Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 (32-bit only, 64-bit is no longer supported), and Citrix (trace for Linux, truss for Solaris-AIX, tusc for HP/UX). If there is a lot of activity, and the timestamps in the messages file are too new, then you can take one What is the model and serial number of the NetScaler Appliance. comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ rakeshv.org/faqs/hpux/index.html Keywords: HP-UX, HPUX, FAQ, 10.0, 10.20, 10.x, 11.0, 11.x, 11i Organization: none . 5.13.3 How can I convert a timestamp (seconds since the Epoch) to a date/time string? . 8.46 What are the machine ID and serial number used for? Yes, for HP-UX 11.x, the tusc command provides system call tracing functionality. Check last access to files using tusc | HP-UX Tips & Tricks Site www.hpuxtips.es/?q=node/295 Sep 6, 2011 Check last access to files using tusc machine:/# tusc -v ls /etc/passwd|tail|grep time Getting XP array discs serial number in Aix severity, link, location, referer, hostname, timestamp) VALUES (:db_insert_placeholder_0, . Installation Guide for WebLogic www.ibm.com/support//en/SSWT9Atusc/pdf_tusc_install_wl.pdf? Most tasks must be completed for middleware installed on UNIX systems, . Serial Number: KKKKKK0. OS Serial. : 66666-666-6666666-66666. PAE [not defined] v DB2_ESE_MoveDB2InstallLogsToLogsLoc_<TimeStamp>.err HP-UX. In order for IBM DB2 9.7 to run correctly on HP-UX, certain group membership. Original - VisiBroker Knowledge Base - VisiBroker - Micro Focus microfocus.telligenthosting.net//corba//1.aspx Aug 11, 2014 BES/VBE: Using HP-UX tusc tool to monitor system calls: command line options Borland Enterprise Server License error[1031]: No license found for this product .. How to get the timestamp of when the request is received by a VBC .. Serial objects not displayed in JNDI browser when Name Services . Survey of HP-UX Commands and Tools for System and - OpenMPE www.openmpe.com/cslproceed/HPW04CD/papers/3121.pdf HP-UX Tools and Commands - glance, vmstat, sar, tusc runs on any terminal /workstation with serial background with no screen output .. -T timestamp:. 188金宝博 - 乐百家在线娱乐-loo588-www.loo588.com www.wei-ehome.com/stag/peterfever-com/ HP-UX installation tusc 2010-06-13. In the HP-UX environment, we can track the process of scheduling tusc situation. flex 3 builder serial number 2010-07-08. 102d75a83e
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